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Lidt om Donbas' "uafhængighedsbevægelser" - steen - 05-02-2023

It was founded in 1990 by the members of the intelligentsia in the Donbas region in Eastern Ukraine. It was founded in opposition to the People's Movement of Ukraine, which favored Ukrainian independence from the Soviet Union.[1] Similar Interfront pro-Soviet movements existed in the Latvian SSRMoldovan SSR and other republics.
In 1992, it grew stronger as miners and local elites opposed the perceived economic mismanagement of the central government in Kyiv and alleged Ukrainization.[2] In 1993, the Interfront participated in a rally in Donetsk against the economic policy of Leonid Kravchuk. The rally was co-sponsored by the Socialist Party of Ukraine.[3]
In a publication from 1993, the Interfront emphasized the multinational character of the Donbas.

Interfront was a pro-communist political movement that aimed to preserve the Soviet Union as a unified Marxist–Leninist state and strongly opposed the pro-independence movements in the republics. It had branches in EstoniaLatviaLithuaniaMoldovaUkraine and other union republics.

(The) Donbass has since the old times served as home to dozens of peoples. The territory of what is now the Donbass has been part of the Khazar KhanateGolden Horde, the Crimean Khanate, the Russian Empire, the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog Soviet Republic and (finally) the Ukrainian State... the Donbass is the centre [of] a unique multinational culture.— Programm of the Intermovement of the Donbass (Projekt), in: Nash Donbass, No. 1 (January 1993), p. 4.[4]

Afstemningen i 1991

Område, ja af stemmer, ja af vælgere

Crimean ASSR

Donetsk Oblast
83.90, 64

Kharkiv Oblast
86.33, 65

Kherson Oblast
90.13, 75

Luhansk Oblast
83.86, 68

Zaporizhzhia Oblast
90.66, 73

Russiske mål i Ukraine
He [Putin] said the goal was demilitarisation and "denazification" of Ukraine. 

Integration af Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, Luhansk i Rusland. Afstemning 23. september 2022.

Forhindre U. medlemsskab af NATO og evt. EU.

Opløsning af Ukraine:

Russian state-run news agency Ria Novosti explained that "denazification is inevitably also de-Ukrainisation" - in effect, erasing the modern state of Ukraine.
For years, the Russian president has denied Ukraine its own statehood, writing in a lengthy 2021 es[attachment=1]say that "Russians and Ukrainians were one people" dating back to the late 9th Century.